Nissan GT-R Ticketed at 215 MPH by Police

On a road somewhere in Kansas a black Nissan GT-R was clocked at 215 MPH on radar in a 55MPH zone. The resulting ticket is a staggering $2255.00! Rumors have run rampant that this was photoshopped, but we have confirmed with the owner that this is real. If you’ve watched our NIDO at Nissan Video you can see the car about 48 seconds in. It was performed on a closed road (currently under construction, and blocked off by police officers for the test). 215MPH seems like a stretch for a car with a factory top speed of 196MPH, however this car is far from stock, and if we had a mod list to share with you we would.



  • phow 5 years ago

    This is FAKE.

    #1 The maximum penalty under Kansas State Statute for a Speeding Infraction is 500.00

    #2 Section 08-1558 as listed on ticket is for 1-10 miles over the posted speed limit

    #3 The fine for going 1-10 miles over the posted limit is 45.00. Notice that the alleged fine is 2445.00. This is clearly photoshopped.

    Can’t believe people are buying this…

    • tmodded 5 years ago

      It’s actually 100% real (was performed on a closed road) and was voided after. The only photoshop was to delete the end of the VIN.


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